S2 the Stream Store

Streams as a cloud storage primitive

Multi-cloud APIs for data in motion with reasonable pricing on scalable usage.

Unlimited streams

Model your domain naturally, say goodbye to low caps and fixed costs.

Elastic throughput

Reactive scaling of each stream to 100s of MiBps writes and GiBps reads – and down to 0.

Latency flexibility

Express < 50 ms Standard < 500 ms end-to-end, p99

Enabling the next generation of data systems

“When data is moving reliably, there is a durable stream involved. Streams deserve to be a cloud storage primitive.” S2 is designed to deliver on the promise of serverless. Read more


How are streams namespaced?

What are the semantics of a stream?

How much throughput can a stream push?

What are the latencies like?

How is data made durable?

How long can data be retained?

What is the pricing model?

Will it support Kafka?

Something else